Marshmallow Pillow

I made a Marshmallow pillow! The front is made with Lily colour yarn from a pattern I developed myself, but obviously with heavy inspiration from some patterns I found online (I’m not quite at that point where I can just make my own patterns from scratch. But modifying existing patterns? – That I can do!). It’s 35cm each side and has a heavier cotton canvas backing and an invisible zip. The sewing lessons I had as a kid and a couple of Pinterest tutorials really helped me out with the invisible zip.

Anyway – Photo time!

Pillow with logo







I feel like the Marshmallow Pillow would work nicely more as a couch cushion. But surprise! I don’t have a couch. Because my apartment is small and couches are a luxury I cannot afford the space for at the moment. But one day, one fiiiiine sunny day, I will own a couch that I can cover in so many Marshmallow Pillows that I will have to sit on the floor to admire my beautiful creation. Yep. It’ll happen!


OK. So here’s the deal. The one I’ve made is from Lily coloured yarn, and I wanna get started on the next one, but I can’t decide which colour to do it in. HELP! I’ve got Peach, Ecru and a Light Jeans colour (which is similar to the Lily, but not. So it’s not similar. But it is. I dunno.) Check it out:


Save me from my indecision! Which colour would you choose?