Jaipur Pink Frame

When I was first starting to crochet and looking for some interesting projects I came across some really beautiful crocheted frames on Pinterest. There were no patterns for them, so I really didn’t feel confident trying to do one on my own and without a step-by-step tutorial of some sort. But for a long time I have kept these frames in mind.

Slowly I practiced with other projects and my confidence got to a point where I felt comfortable giving the frames a shot. Using a regular edging pattern I had, I made what I now call the Jaipur Pink Frame.


Jaipur Pink because it reminded me of those beautiful Indian buildings in that bright-but-soft pink.


Tip for any other crocheters that want to try this out themselves: The frame is a bit tricky to cast onto, just fiddly, not completely rage inducing. But the way the edging pattern worked out was really great! So you can pretty much use any edging lace pattern you have, you just need to make sure that you cast on the correct number of stitches to each side of the frame in the beginning, so that you’ll be sure you will fit the number of arcs you need.


Victorian Gothic Round Doily Lurve

So since I started crocheting I have been obsessed with this pattern called “Splendid” by Patricia Kristoffersen. The photos I saw of completed pieces made me drool but it seemed almost impossible get my hands on the pattern. After months of searching online I finally found the pattern and got to work. I was a little apprehensive because the pattern was written out and normally I like to follow diagrams but I was so in love with what the end product looked like that I powered on through.

Check. It. Out.


This baby is gorgeous. The detail is so freaking intricate and gives the doily a nice texture and 3D style.


The black colour really makes it stand out too and gives it that Victorian Gothic feel. Which I think would work nicely with any pastel colours to give it a bit of a modern tinge. For example:

Victorian Gothic Style sheet2

It’d also just look good with subdued, more natural colours.

Victorian Gothic Style sheet1

It’s about 33cm across and is made using 100% cotton yarn. (Credit: Pattern Design by Patricia Kristofferson)