The Sprinkles Potholder!

I am seeing a trend here with my crochet projects. There’s an awful lot of food based items here. Hmm.

Introducing the newest one – The Sprinkles Potholder!

42with LOGO




It’s made out of cotton yarn, using the “popcorn”/”bobble” stitch it to create the colourful sprinkles.


43with LOGO


Because it’s a potholder, it needs to be heat proof, so I’ve made it with two layers to give it some thickness. Here’s a little progress GIF from when I was crocheting the plain round backing layer:




What do you think?






Tutti Frutti Ornament Set

Oh man, these make me crave candy so badd.

Tutti Frutti Style sheet1

I can’t wait to hang these on the Christmas tree. Although at the moment they are just hanging in my chilli plant I’ve got on my windowsill.


If you want a set of your own, contact me! (I will update this post with a link to my shop once I have it up and running!)

The set contains five Tutti Fruttis, so when you order one set for €12.50 you will get the following –
1x Blood Orange
1x Lemon
1x Orange
1x Lime
1x Pink Grapefruit

Each fruit is about 6cm long and 3cm across and is crocheted on both sides. It has a crocheted yarn loop to allow for hanging. Each fruit is also stuffed with cotton to give it some dimension.