Tshirt Yarn Foot o’ the Bed Rug – Free pattern included

Whoa. What a week! Am preparing for a month long holiday to Australia, as well as preparing to start a new position at work when I’m back from my holidays. As well as interviewing for my replacement, preparing for a possibly complicated handover and trying to plan what I’ll need for an expensive but glorious month in the Australian wilderness! Surprisingly all I’ve felt able to concentrate on after work is trying not to fall asleep before eating dinner. I always thought that work was just something I did to pay the bills. My life was outside of work, and crocheting was my most convenient creative outlet. I found it very easy to seperate work from my personal time. But after this week I’ve noticed that I really do care about my job. When my boyfriend said to me, “Don’t worry, it won’t be your problem soon” I realised that I actually really do care! I want everything to go smoothly and I want the guys in my team to continue having a nice working environment. So anyway, I think this is my long winded way of saying, I have not been crocheting that much this last week. I am working on something but it’s slow going.

In the meantime I did want to share something that I made about a month ago. I had a whole bunch of Tshirt yarn (yes, that is what it sounds like, it’s lengths of Tshirt fabric that can be crocheted together with a very large hook) and due to the cold weather I was inspired to make a nice rug for the foot of the bed. It didn’t take too long to complete thanks to the thickness of the yarn.

Because Tshirt yarn is the off-clippings of other clothes, it does not have the uniformity of most yarns. But it’s a great hardy and flexible material to use. Just excuse the slight deformity – It’s not my technique, I swear!

Foot of the bed rug2

We’ve got a dark wood bed frame so I really like that the colour of this rug matches that. Adds to the room nicely I think!

Foot of the bed rug1

The pattern is available for FREE at my pattern blog MumboJumbo Crochet by following this link HERE.

Enjoy and hope you have a great and relaxing weekend! I know I will after the busy week I’ve had!

Babysitters Club

I’ve come to that age where all my friends are starting to have babies. I don’t have any babies and I don’t plan to any time soon. If you are like me there will be that time where in the span of two months, your Facebook feed has gone from being a collection of drunken photos of all your friends, to being a solid stream of baby pics and freakish ultrasounds.

I congratulate all my friends who’ve taken that huge step! And their little ones are adorbs. THOSE CHEEKS! Anyway, I think the highest responsibility I have right now are those times when our friends go on holiday and need us to babysit their rabbit, Peter.

I dunno if this is some sort of subconscious effort to prove I too am able to look after a living thing, or maybe it’s simply me wanting to share the cuteness of this weird little fur ball. I’m not gonna read to much into it and say it’s the latter.

Cue cuteness:




Small note to Peter’s Mum and Dad: I love having this guy around. He’s too cute. So anytime you need someone to look after him, you know you can count on us!