Cacti Garden

My crochet Cactus Garden is finally complete, and it looks freaking awesome if I do say so myself!


Without a real plan, I bought a bunch of green hued cactus coloured yarns and started crocheting a cactus here and there. There was a point where I ran out of steam but then I came across a perfect glass tray at H&M to put the finished product in. It was the perfect motivation to finish up the rest of the plants.


And just like a beautiful dress, this finished piece deserves a twirl:


The large grey leaves were actually a gift from a friend who made them out of felt. Although they were meant to be coasters, they worked so well in the garden that I was forced to re-purpose them.


The striped cactus with the pink flower is actually a pom pom cut very carefully. As for the rest of the cacti, there were a couple of patterns I used (see Agave pattern HERE, or the Fern patter HERE), but mostly I just modified general patterns like this one HERE, or free-balled it.


Has anyone else created their own Cacti? I do recommend!

Modern Crochet Placemats

The pattern I used for this was a granny circle… How can a pattern that has the word “Granny” in it be called modern?! It’s all about the colours!

Placemats with logo

I am currently in Germany for a couple of months for work, and I must say that choosing which yarns to take with me was one of the single most difficult decisions of the year so far!





Ultimately I think I made the right choice, but it’s still tough to be separated from my full yarn stash for so long!

Let me know if you would be interested in the pattern. It’s a super simple one, and I finished two placemats in one day, so it’d make a nice quick gift!

Tshirt Yarn Foot o’ the Bed Rug – Free pattern included

Whoa. What a week! Am preparing for a month long holiday to Australia, as well as preparing to start a new position at work when I’m back from my holidays. As well as interviewing for my replacement, preparing for a possibly complicated handover and trying to plan what I’ll need for an expensive but glorious month in the Australian wilderness! Surprisingly all I’ve felt able to concentrate on after work is trying not to fall asleep before eating dinner. I always thought that work was just something I did to pay the bills. My life was outside of work, and crocheting was my most convenient creative outlet. I found it very easy to seperate work from my personal time. But after this week I’ve noticed that I really do care about my job. When my boyfriend said to me, “Don’t worry, it won’t be your problem soon” I realised that I actually really do care! I want everything to go smoothly and I want the guys in my team to continue having a nice working environment. So anyway, I think this is my long winded way of saying, I have not been crocheting that much this last week. I am working on something but it’s slow going.

In the meantime I did want to share something that I made about a month ago. I had a whole bunch of Tshirt yarn (yes, that is what it sounds like, it’s lengths of Tshirt fabric that can be crocheted together with a very large hook) and due to the cold weather I was inspired to make a nice rug for the foot of the bed. It didn’t take too long to complete thanks to the thickness of the yarn.

Because Tshirt yarn is the off-clippings of other clothes, it does not have the uniformity of most yarns. But it’s a great hardy and flexible material to use. Just excuse the slight deformity – It’s not my technique, I swear!

Foot of the bed rug2

We’ve got a dark wood bed frame so I really like that the colour of this rug matches that. Adds to the room nicely I think!

Foot of the bed rug1

The pattern is available for FREE at my pattern blog MumboJumbo Crochet by following this link HERE.

Enjoy and hope you have a great and relaxing weekend! I know I will after the busy week I’ve had!

Taxidermy Crochet

I really needed to share this awesomeness.

Little taxidermy crochet wall pieces! Argh! These are the best!


These were created by an artist named Sarah Grace. I had trouble finding much on her via google. But I reckon you should take a look at the gallery I found here:

The world needs more of this type of adorable crochet!

Some of her other pieces:




Jaipur Pink Frame

When I was first starting to crochet and looking for some interesting projects I came across some really beautiful crocheted frames on Pinterest. There were no patterns for them, so I really didn’t feel confident trying to do one on my own and without a step-by-step tutorial of some sort. But for a long time I have kept these frames in mind.

Slowly I practiced with other projects and my confidence got to a point where I felt comfortable giving the frames a shot. Using a regular edging pattern I had, I made what I now call the Jaipur Pink Frame.


Jaipur Pink because it reminded me of those beautiful Indian buildings in that bright-but-soft pink.


Tip for any other crocheters that want to try this out themselves: The frame is a bit tricky to cast onto, just fiddly, not completely rage inducing. But the way the edging pattern worked out was really great! So you can pretty much use any edging lace pattern you have, you just need to make sure that you cast on the correct number of stitches to each side of the frame in the beginning, so that you’ll be sure you will fit the number of arcs you need.


You don’t make friends with salad

In my last post I mentioned the donut ornaments I was making for my Christmas tree. Well, after some tweaking and perfecting – here’s the final product!


The best part of making these donuts is the amount of customisation I can do. I can use SO MANY COLOURS!

This one’s made with chocolate dough, vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles…


Next you’ve got your classic dough with pink icing and a white stripe drizzle…


And finally there’s the light blue icing with chocolate sprinkles!


Argh! YUM-BO-REE-NO. So much sweetness, and all from yarn! Zero calories yo.



Frankensteins Monster of a Tree

So my apartment is tiny. I wonder if I’ve ever made a post without mentioning that. Whatever though, because even though I don’t have much space, I can still get myself a Christmas Tree and that makes me super happy!

There’s a market near me that sells… Hmm, not sure how to describe it except to call them “mini semi-fake trees”.

OK. I am sensing more descriptives are needed here. But basically what they do is use small branches of real trees and stitch em together onto a post to make a mini version of real full-sized tree. It’s like a Frankensteins monster of a tree!

Anyway, there are real pine needles and it’s the perfect size for my apartment. Check and CHECK.

I still have plans to make more decorations for the tree. But I don’t know how much more this little guy will take before he keels over.

Photo time!


I’ve got my little Tutti Frutti and Watermelon Bite ornaments in there. PLUS, I’ve got some crocheted donut ornaments up in that thing, which my boyfriend keeps threatening to eat because they look so tasty. Ahhh Christmas… You pretty!


How are your Christmas decorations coming along?

Watermelon Bites!

I think I’m going to need a bigger Christmas tree considering all the ornaments I am making.

Watermelon Bites LOGO

At the moment I only have one set of these, which I feel like I need to keep because they’ll probably be hanging from my windowsill plants all year long! But, do not fear, I am planning to make some more sets for sale eventually. Will update this post once I have my shop set up!

The colours kinda remind me of gaudy style flamingo decorations, which are awesome. PS. If someone knows where I can buy the below flamingo wallpaper, please hook me up!



Marshmallow Pillow

I made a Marshmallow pillow! The front is made with Lily colour yarn from a pattern I developed myself, but obviously with heavy inspiration from some patterns I found online (I’m not quite at that point where I can just make my own patterns from scratch. But modifying existing patterns? – That I can do!). It’s 35cm each side and has a heavier cotton canvas backing and an invisible zip. The sewing lessons I had as a kid and a couple of Pinterest tutorials really helped me out with the invisible zip.

Anyway – Photo time!

Pillow with logo







I feel like the Marshmallow Pillow would work nicely more as a couch cushion. But surprise! I don’t have a couch. Because my apartment is small and couches are a luxury I cannot afford the space for at the moment. But one day, one fiiiiine sunny day, I will own a couch that I can cover in so many Marshmallow Pillows that I will have to sit on the floor to admire my beautiful creation. Yep. It’ll happen!


OK. So here’s the deal. The one I’ve made is from Lily coloured yarn, and I wanna get started on the next one, but I can’t decide which colour to do it in. HELP! I’ve got Peach, Ecru and a Light Jeans colour (which is similar to the Lily, but not. So it’s not similar. But it is. I dunno.) Check it out:


Save me from my indecision! Which colour would you choose?

Tutti Frutti Ornament Set

Oh man, these make me crave candy so badd.

Tutti Frutti Style sheet1

I can’t wait to hang these on the Christmas tree. Although at the moment they are just hanging in my chilli plant I’ve got on my windowsill.


If you want a set of your own, contact me! (I will update this post with a link to my shop once I have it up and running!)

The set contains five Tutti Fruttis, so when you order one set for €12.50 you will get the following –
1x Blood Orange
1x Lemon
1x Orange
1x Lime
1x Pink Grapefruit

Each fruit is about 6cm long and 3cm across and is crocheted on both sides. It has a crocheted yarn loop to allow for hanging. Each fruit is also stuffed with cotton to give it some dimension.