Cacti Garden

My crochet Cactus Garden is finally complete, and it looks freaking awesome if I do say so myself!


Without a real plan, I bought a bunch of green hued cactus coloured yarns and started crocheting a cactus here and there. There was a point where I ran out of steam but then I came across a perfect glass tray at H&M to put the finished product in. It was the perfect motivation to finish up the rest of the plants.


And just like a beautiful dress, this finished piece deserves a twirl:


The large grey leaves were actually a gift from a friend who made them out of felt. Although they were meant to be coasters, they worked so well in the garden that I was forced to re-purpose them.


The striped cactus with the pink flower is actually a pom pom cut very carefully. As for the rest of the cacti, there were a couple of patterns I used (see Agave pattern HERE, or the Fern patter HERE), but mostly I just modified general patterns like this one HERE, or free-balled it.


Has anyone else created their own Cacti? I do recommend!

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