The Australian Congo

So I recently spent a glorious month in Australia visiting family, but mostly just lounging around and relaxing in one of the most beautiful areas I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

The local community sometimes calls it the Australian Congo, and I have to say, that’s preeeeetty accurate. To travel there you pass through dry scrub land, fresh coastline, alpine dairy country and then finally you make it down into the lush jungle valley.

I’ve been sworn to secrecy (as in I shouldn’t tell too many people about this place). Just for the fact that the community wants to keep it as natural as possible – and they’ve definitely been doing a good job so far! But to give you an idea of how rural and natural the place is here is the satellite view from Google Maps of the house I was staying in:

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 6.04.33 PM

Wow, right?!

This place is so untouched you can drink the water straight out of the creek! It’s so green and lush that anything grows. We were told stories of people throwing the remains of their eaten fruit into the back yard, and a month later seeing it sprout up out of the ground!

I am now going to take you on a little photo adventure to show you just how amazingly iddilic this wilderness is.

I would regularly wake up at dawn, sit on the balcony and wait for the mist to clear:


Relaxing and waiting for the sun to get stronger, I was still amazed at the landscape. Even in cloudy weather! You almost expected a Dinosaur to wander out through the valley. SO Jurassic:


Once it is warm enough, it’s time to go on a stroll! We go past the bamboo forest:


We stop by the creek to refresh ourselves in the swimming hole:


Laying by the banks of the swimming hole, once we are dry it’s time to adventure further! We say hello to the Llama’s on our way (but remember to leave the dog back on the track… The Llamas naturally hate canines, and we don’t want any aggressiveness today!):



Go back to the track to the collect the dog and continue through the old Kiwi orchard:




We dodge the low branches and try to find some kiwi fruit. It’s not the season for it, so we head back to the swimming hole one more time!

And so now we head back to the house to relax and have some food. Naps are completely acceptable at this stage:



There were times when we would get caught in a surprise downpour. The weather changes so much in the valley. I managed to capture just one day of the weather in this time lapse video (I never knew clouds moved simultaneously in opposite directions like that!):



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