Blue Jeans Triangle Scarf

You know how there’s that time of year where it’s cold, but not that cold? I think most people call that Autumn or Fall. BUT, as I grew up in Australia where there were preeeeeeetty much only two seasons, I’m not used to this cold-but-not-super-cold business. I’m serious, Autumn and Spring would only last two weeks max.

Now that I live in Europe I keep finding myself starting to feel the chill of Autumn and thinking, “oh I’ll just pull out my winter gear cos it’s probably gonna drop below 0C in a couple of days”… and then one month later I’m either sweatin’ like a cornered nun, or freezing in inadequate summer clothing.

Anyway, this year I got my shit together and crocheted a warm, but not too warm scarf… with a triangle pattern… OoooooOOOOoooh!


It’s made out of 100% cotton yarn, so it’s pretty breathable and is good for those chilly days where you need to keep warm on the way to work. It really sits well with coats, but also it’s one of those scarves that you can just keep wearing even if you’re indoors.

Blue Jeans Triangle Scarf LOGO

Hope you like it!

Oh and if there are any other Aussies out there who are now living in Europe and feel like 99% of their energy is spent trying to get used to the weather differences over here – say hello! Maybe we can start a support group?


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